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The Book Of Tommy Chong

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The Book Of Tommy Chong

One of the best countries in the world with disciplinary systems is the United States of America. The system is administered by people who work with the law. The members of the US government are doing their best in imposing their regulations on people who run illegal drugs. Captured drug dealers are put behind bars as a way of setting an example. Probably, the US government has crossed the line.

There is a published book available for everyone, which concerns people who have been incarcerated unreasonably by the US system. The title of the book is ‘I Chong: Meditation from the Joint. Tommy Chong, the book’s author, is a well-known comedian who played the role of Chong in the show called Cheech & Chong. If you’re looking for a book that offers a little on the humoristic side, this book is for you. Book critiques have reviewed his book and were remarked as entertaining and full of comedic humor.

The book talks mainly about Tommy Chong’s life and the event where he was taken to prison by the US government for an alleged marijuana marketing. They found out that his son’s company shipped glass water pipes around the US, commonly known in street slang as “bongs.” To give you a brief background, bongs, also called as the “pope of the pot,” are used as a tool for smoking pots. Apart from this, Tommy Chong plays the role of a stereotypical stoner in movies all the time. He was sentenced to stay behind bars for nine months because of this.

Eventually, Tommy Chong brought his role in the movies to reality and wrote a book mainly about it. Some people thought of the book as a form of revenge against the US government for their injustice. In the book, there was a statement that talked about the US government’s flaws and wrong-doings — the prosecutors offered him a deal. The arrangement was if he did not plead guilty, the prosecutors would take action on their hands, attacking his wife and son. Tommy Chong was left with no other choice but to remain silent and decide what was safer for everyone — to be in jail. He was not able to bear the possibility of both his wife and son to get harmed and locked up in prison.

Other stories in the book include the happenings while he was imprisoned in jail. This particular book has grown in fame as critics claim it to be a page-turner. His book was a success, and everyone should read it.

If you are searching for a book that contains stories worth reading, then this is the perfect book for you. Good time and good laughs are guaranteed. You will undoubtedly read through the book non-stop.

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