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If I could change the world, I would create a system that would produce beautiful weather year-round regardless of a person’s location.

Effective treatment is about several things: knowledge, experience, a clear diagnosis, achievable goals and tools to efficiently pilot challenging life problems.

Tammy Fernandez brings together a blend of knowledge, expertise, clearness, concern, and accomplishment to the counseling process to capitalize on the outcomes and deliver genuine therapy to individuals, parents, and groups. Tammy earned a BA in Psychology from Louisiana State University and completed her MA degree in Psychological Counseling from Nicholls State University. She is a licensed professional counselor with over nine years of experience, a dedicated wife, a mother to two beautiful daughters, a sister, a friend, and a therapist. In addition to Tammy’s license, she holds several certifications and continues to develop herself to provide her clients with tailored plans that can be incorporated into their daily life.

Tammy provides professional counseling services, psychological assessments to individuals, families, groups, and helping them find the silver lining in their dark cloud. She uses different healing approaches including rational behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, person-centered therapy, and other
methods depending on the individual need.

Tammy is a busy woman but enjoys spending time exploring new things with her family. She has diverse training, work experience in this field and she has worked with several clients.

Tammy’s tactic highlights the communal development of goals for therapy and delivery of ongoing assessment of the healing approach. She is devoted to an approach highlighting a more energetic, integrative, and holistic approach to mental health.

Tammy Fernandez

C.E.O Cross Over Therapy

Leslie Fluence

After achieving her Masters in Social Work from the Southern University of New Orleans, Leslie Fluence completed further training and became a certified life coach. With a friendly and outgoing disposition, always with a smile on her face, she is passionate about her work, providing others with the tools and strategies they need to navigate through their lives successfully. So, what does she attribute as the reason for being able to do this? Personal experience plays a large part. In fact, it was when travelling through Jamaica when Leslie herself experienced a life-changing moment. She had the opportunity to experience some words of wisdom from a local there who told her ‘it’s never a problem, only a solution’, words which to this day, Leslie still uses with her clients to help them transform their lives. Although Leslie admits that she is able to offer high-level advice, which her clients always listen to carefully, she is equally a good listener herself. She aims to help everyone with their own unique situation. Aside from her clear passion for the work, Leslie is also a married mother of two wonderful grown-up children.

Leslie Fluence

MHP | Life Coach

After graduating from Donaldsonville High School in 2004 with well-deserved honors and an accompanying Tigerette membership, Angela Mitchell went on to Baton Rouge where she achieved a BSc degree from Southern University A&M College in LA. Angela is a firm believer and advocate in ‘always treating others right’. Considering her larger than life sense of humor, kind heart and ability to bring sunshine into anyone’s day, she is perfectly suited to her current role, which is a mental health specialist. She is also a compliance officer and certified life coach with prestigious Donaldsonville practice Cross Over Therapy LLC. Angela is a mother of two, and outside of work, loves nothing more than spending some valuable time with her family. She also loves cooking up culinary delights in her kitchen, plus a spot of online shopping as well!

Angela Mitchell

MHS | Life Coach

Angela Mitchell
Melissa Scott

After graduating from Donaldsonville High School, Melissa Scott took a job as a CNA in a nursing home, a role that she continued to do for an impressive twenty years. With a desire to further her education even more, she moved to Texas and studied at Stephen F. Austin State University, working towards a degree in Social Work. After achieving her bachelors, her hunger for education and progression continued, and she embarked on a Masters of Social Work, which she achieved only two years after originally graduating. Her newfound career started when she made the move to Louisiana, a place where her husband wanted to return to for activities like fishing and hunting. It was upon meeting Tammy Fernandez where she was offered the chance to finally follow her calling in life: to become a social worker. She was offered a position at Cross Over Therapy of helping others. Continually going above and beyond the call of duty, she is highly versatile in her role, and always gets the job done. Most importantly, however, she has a kind heart, which is perhaps why clients take so well to her. Outside of work, she lives with her husband Mr. Terry Scott, and aside from having two children together, decided to adopt two more girls, which she and her husband account for their ability to stay so young and active!

Melissa Scott

MHP | Life Coach

Kironisha Bradstreet has a Bachelors degree in General Studies from Southeastern Louisiana University where she also majored in Psychology. Upon graduating, she then attended Ashford University, where she completed an MA in Healthcare Administration. Her current role at Cross Over Therapy is in the capacity of an MHP which she has been doing exceptionally well for the last six years. Her colleagues and clients describe Kironisha as a kind and caring individual with a gentle heart. It is these exact qualities which makes her so good at her job. With a desire to go out of her way to help anyone that needs it, she strives to support patients with their diagnosis, and help educate them using all of her knowledge. Kironisha certainly dreams big and has high hopes and aspirations for the future, including the completion of her doctorate in Psychology which she is currently progressing well with at Ashford University.

Kironisha Bradstreet

MHP | Life Coach

Kironisha Bradstree
Ebony Brown

After graduating from Donaldsonville High School in 2004 with honors, Ebony Brown then completed her General Studies associate degree in 2009 from Nicholls State University. In 2013, she continued her education, successful graduating with a BA in 2014, majoring in Sociology. The starting point of her career came in 2015 when she was offered a role with Ascension Parish Sheriff’s office in the capacity of an Inmate Intake Coordinator. In February 2019, Ebony decided it was time for a change, and she started working in Thibodaux, LA for Magnolia Family Services. She worked within this role for six months until moving to Cross Over Therapy in August, alongside a part-time job at AutoZone as a Sales Parts Manager. Ebony’s colleagues and clients would describe her as humble, patient and loyal, as well as down to earth. She also has an amazing ability to inspire and encourage others which is an important trait in her job. Aside from her work commitments, she lives with her two daughters in Donaldsonville and is an active member of Nelson Chapel AME Church of Napoleonville. She also enjoys exercising and reading in her spare time.

Ebony Brown

MHS | Life Coach

Starting her career as a licensed barber and stylist, it was mainly life experience which brought Yakima to becoming a Cognitive Behavioral Integrative Wellness Life Coach. Within her job as a stylist, she built a high level of rapport with her customers, many of whom eventually trusted her to confide in the most personal of problems. Things which happened in her personal life were also a significant influence on Yakima changing careers. Between the ages of 27 and 28, she sadly lost both her step-father and mother, while at 36, her biological father, unfortunately, passed on. This affected her deeply, mostly due to the deep connection she had with her own mother. It was at this point when she started to heal herself from the trauma and pain she had suffered. After she achieved this, she decided to train in her current position as a Cognitive Behavioral Integrative Wellness Life Coach. She works alongside all of her clients, helping them to heal and lower the pain. Described as having a beautiful energy, she particularly enjoys helping women who are struggling to find themselves or have suffered a loss in their lives. Outside of work, she is a mother to two boys and a girl and is also a good friend, a caring aunt and a loving sister.

Yakima Fernandez

Life Coach

Paula Bland
Paula Bland is a native New Orleanian. She has been practicing medicine as a Nurse Practitioner since 2011 and has found herself in multiple specialties. However, she has always gravitated towards the mental health arena to understand her patients better. Paula states, “ If you can figure out how a person truly feels about themselves, you can predetermine some of the unhealthy physical and emotional issues they will express.” Paula Bland is currently pursuing her postgraduate Certificate as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to further her knowledge and set forth to help her community by extending her services.

Paula Bland

Medical Director

At Cross Over Therapy, we are a family and so our team is your team. When your goal is to be better, then you need the best team driving your vision forward, which is why we endeavor to create partnerships of respect and confidence among ourselves, with our clients and within the communities we serve through our counseling, consulting means. As counselors, organizational staff, and mental health professionals/specialist, we work together and support one another to accomplish our collectively high expectation of service to our clients.

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Cross Over Therapy was founded with the purpose of giving more people in rural parts of Southeast Louisiana access to behavioral health services. We opened our doors in March 2017 in Donaldsonville, LA. Our main goal is to help as many as we can get back on track mentally.