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Meditation In Prayer Form

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Meditation In Prayer Form

Time changes drastically, so does everything around us. Years ago, people were extremely religious. This doesn’t mean that people have become the opposite nowadays, but many religious people have dropped through time. The concept of advent has changed too. Most people look forward to having a vacation with family and friends instead of preparing for both the celebration of Jesus at Christmas and the return of Jesus at the second coming.

During the advent, people primarily think of booking a hotel reservation for the family to spend some leisure time together. People have slowly forgotten or, worse, never know about the essence of the advent. One thing is for sure, advent is the best time of the year for families to meditate together.

Advent is indeed an opportunity for families to gather and get closer to one another. Most significantly, everyone must make time to connect with the Almighty God. How can someone attain genuine inner peace and serenity in God’s spirit when everyone thinks of shopping and picnic on the beach?

When you can, try to read litanies with your family around the fireplace at your home. If you find yourself stuck in a heavy traffic, decking your halls or doodling on your notes, find a little time to dedicate yourself to God. You and your family can do this once a day or in a week. If you are a really busy person, though, you can at least do this once during the entire advent period.

The family can prepare a unique yet straightforward recipe to eat together as they light their advent candles. You can meditate or pray briefly, and afterward, enjoy your feast. This activity can bring the family closer together, and much closer to mysteries people celebrate and contemplate in Advent. Advent is not about vacation and parties; it’s about being closer to God and your family.

All family members may gather on the table for a simple yet savory dish for everyone to enjoy while advent candles are lit to enhance the home atmosphere. Before feasting, though, everyone can initiate a short meditation or prayer to bless the food and evoke thanksgiving. By doing this, the entire family gets the chance to establish a closer relationship with one another and God simultaneously during the period of Advent.

The gospel for the first week of advent is chapter 13, verse 33 of Mark. Jesus told his disciples to be alert, for He is coming. Usually, prayers or advent meditations go along with a corresponding gospel. In the second week of advent, the gospel talks about the first appearance of John the Baptist and his preaching in Judea. The gospel in the third week should be about Jesus and John’s disciples. During the fourth week of advent, the gospel talks about Mary and angel Gabriel.

Finding sources used for prayers during the advent period is not that difficult. You can always request a copy from the religious organizations in your community or simply download them online. Do your research, and you can quickly get a hold of a prayer copy you and your family can use during advent.

Meditation does not always mean a proper sitting position and posture; it can also be a simple, heartfelt prayer. Remember to meditate and pray during the advent season.

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